Where have I been? (Updates)

Greetings fellow flesh eaters. It really has been a while. So the question you may be asking me is, “Where have I been?” Well, I have mainly been dealing with school, my personal life, and me running out of makeup ideas. But fear not, for now I have a plan on what I can do, and yes, I will be announcing this on my new YouTube page, Official Zombiekid2001. I will be making an Ask Zombiekid Section of the website where you can ask me a question and I will answer it in a future video. Sorry I have been gone for so long :(

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Welcome Everyone!

Welcome everyone to Season 2 of my SFX Makeup! Enter the realm of all things horror and special effects. I have been working with the materials I have ever since Halloween of 2011, and want everyone to experience the shock of not knowing what is real. So, go ahead and start looking!

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Necrotizing Faceitis (3rd Degree) and End of Season 1.

This is the end of Season 1 of my SFX Makeup. I have done a lot of hard work and am now experimenting with 3rd degree and full stage makeups. Anyway, this is my second wound using 3rd degree. 3rd degree is a silicone modeling compound used for making hyper-realistic wounds and lacerations. Products Used : 3rd degree, Caster Oil, Blood Gel, Black eye shadow, red grease paints and 97% alcohol.

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Half Face

Yes, the name is to avoid copyright issues. -_-  Anyway, this is almost what it would look like if half of your face was evenly corroded with acid/chemicals. Products used : Foundation (Powder), Fair translucent powder, Red and black creme paints, blood gel and stage blood.

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Slit Mouth ( Collodion )

A slit mouth using rigid collodion. Ironically, it actually hurt applying it. Products used : Lipstick, Powder, Rigid Collodion and stage blood.

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Rigid Collodion Scar

A scar that has realistic depth and is actually dented into the skin. Don’t worry, I wasn’t really hurt though. I had to use a marker and red paints as well as fake blood, rigid collodion, powder, concealer, tissue paper and makeup wipes.


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Marilyn Manson Makeup

How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people? This is a makeup of the singer Marilyn Manson. Kinda Gothic, but it still turned out better than expected. I don’t like the way the hair came out though, and I wish I had a better costume.

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Stapled Nose

Another seven staples for me… This effect was very messy and takes a loooong time to clean up. As if it wasn’t bad enough already. Products Used : Foundation, Concealer, Black Eyeshadow, Black Creme makeup, Red Stage Paint, Various Bruise Colors, Derma Wax, Spirit Gum, Blood Gel, Pliers and staples.

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Re-Attached Hand

It seems I got into a fight and won, but had to re-attach my hand. This was by far one of the hardest and most time consuming effects I have ever done so far. Products Used : Derma Wax, Liquid Latex, Concealer, Powder, Black and Red paint, Stage Blood, A needle and black thread, Blood gel and an FX Spatula.

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Pulled Skin

More ways of making people feel sick and tricking the eye. Products Used : Spirit Gum, Scar Wax, Bruise tone paints, Blood Gel, Concealer, Stage Blood, Cotton Balls, Pliers and Staples.


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